Back in that Hallway…

Last week I took a break from cleaning to work on my gallery wall, more about that here.  I’ve been working on it for a while now, as evidenced by my first post on it here, and I just keep adding a little at a time.  As I was putting up more frames, I began to feel that there were just too many squares and rectangles.  I needed some non-framed objects to break it up.  So I shopped around my house to see what all I could find.  My eyes landed on some bleached starfish that came in a friend’s wedding invitation, and are reminders of our wonderful trip to Florida to see her.  It was our first trip without Son, and after two months of no sleep, late-night feedings, and other various new-parent jollies, it was well deserved.  We spent an entire 3 days sleeping, lounging, and drinking; it was heaven.

The problem with starfish is that they just don’t come with hooks or suction cups.  There isn’t a built-in way for hanging them on a wall.  It’s a good thing I’m so crafty!

I broke out my trusty glue gun — to think that Architecture School taught me to hate them, and let it heat up.  While it was heating, I found some thumb tacks.  I then glued them onto the backs, and let it all cool.

Once they were good and strong, I took them to the hallway.  Because I didn’t want to crush the stars while pushing them into the wall, I pre-pushed a hole with another pushpin, and then I pushed the stars in.

Of course, they don’t show up so well right now, but once the wall gets painted grey, they will really “pop” as the TV designers like to say.  Some day, I’ll get that accomplished, too.



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