I’m still working on becoming a great Home Maker, and part of that is keeping green things in the home, alive.  I’ve never really been good at that last part.  But believe it or not, I’ve managed to keep something green, alive, and growing enough to need to re-pot it!

Several months ago, OK, from the time stamp on the blog-post it was only 1 month ago, I planted some lemon seeds from a store-bought lemon.  (You can see that here.)  After they come up, they looked like this…

I continued to water them about once a week, or whenever the dirt felt dry.  They just kept growing.  I couldn’t believe it!  After a while, they started to get a bit too large for the little jar I had them in.

Thanks to the translucence of the jar, I could see the roots were scrawling all along the bottom, and they were running out of space. I’ve heard of plants becoming root-bound, but I’ve never had a plant make it that long to have to worry about it.  I decided to take action immediately rather than risk something so dire.

First, I set the plant, small jar and all, into a larger container just to make sure that it wouldn’t block out any sun.  When it didn’t, I went and got some dirt.

I was pretty sure this dirt came from the same bag as the original dirt that I planted the lemon seeds in, but this dirt looks different.  It has sticks and bits of debris, and it also doesn’t have any of those white balls that is in normal potting soil.  I hope the lemon tree likes the new stuff.

Since this stuff was really dry, I decided to water it BEFORE I transplanted the lemon trees.  Oh yeah, did I mention that all my seeds came up?  I have 4 trees!

I made a well in the center of the dirt, and carefully wriggled my trees out of their previous jar, along with their dirt, and placed them into the hole.  And since the new dirt is kinda ugly, I topped it off with what was left of the old dirt — it was prettier.

Then I watered it a bit so it would be nice and comfy.  The only problem is that now that it’s back on the shelf, it doesn’t have much room.

It fit fine before, even after I placed the small jar into the larger one to test it.  I guess I planted the trees a bit too high.  I hope their OK.  If they are, I’ll have to find a new window for them.


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