A Break from Cleaning…

Part of Happy Home-Making is creating a beautiful home, and I’ve been at it again.  I’m also still working on souvenir art from my anniversary trip Husband and I took in July.

My Mother and I went out a few weeks back just to shop, or as I like to think of it, hunting.  I found four frames, each under 2 bucks, though they all needed some work.

Since I wanted them all white, for my hallway wall, I decided to tackle them all at once.  I pulled the ‘cat-collar’ off the matte from the cat frame — I did this BEFORE I shot the picture.  Then, I took the “Welcome Spring” picture apart.  I still can’t believe that people would pay for that!  I did not find it at a goodwill, no, I found it at Home Goods!  That means it was made en masse, ugh.  It was also factory made, and that made it difficult to get apart.

I had to cut off the back, and then slice the silicone that held the embroidery piece and glass to the frame.

Once that was finally done, I took them outside and shot them with Gloss White paint.


Although I painted several frames at once, this post is only about one of them.  The cat one.  It was a bit of a shadow frame, and that was just what I needed for my souvenir piece.

I took one of the photos that I edited from this post, and printed it out.  While we were on our trip, I picked up several free things to remember the trip by.  I always do this, whether it’s a rock, maps, menus, ect.  It’s an easy and free way to get souvenirs.  This time, I selected a map from the area where we took this photograph…

and also a piece of coral or something that I almost stepped on in the parking lot.  To tell the truth, Husband couldn’t believe I picked it up, but I’m always picking up odd things, and I’m so glad I did.  You can’t pick living coral, but if it’s already washed onto shore, and all the way to the parking lot, it’s fair game, right?  And that’s if it even is coral.

Since the matte from the cat frame was damaged from where the collar had been attached, I decided to cover the matte with the map.

I broke out my knife, and a ruler.  I carefully positioned the map until I liked it, and laid the matte on top.

I cut the map in an X pattern, and then carefully folded the flaps down, being sure to press firmly so I had sharp creases, and glued them with Son’s glue stick that I had to get him for school.  Shhh, don’t tell!

Then, I positioned and taped the photo where I wanted it, broke out the glue gun.

I hot-glued the coral, or whatever it really is, to the matte, and reframed it all.

Then I hung it on the wall in my hallway.

You can see that I have also hung other things since the last post about the hall; consider this just a sneak-peak.  Let’s just say I’ve been busy in there.



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