Still Working on it…

I have fully conceded to the economy.  This is huge.


For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am a heel-dragger.  I am a planner, and when things don’t go to plan, I keep focused on the end goal, and stay the coarse, no matter what is thrown at me.  Sure, this sounds noble, but it’s also dangerous.  It means that I simply don’t accept change readily.  And since I’m not really a tenacious go-getter, I often just assume that my goal is still out there, and I will get there, at some point.  Picture Odysseus, adrift on the ocean; he made it eventually.

I am a waiter, and incredibly patient.  I used to be an Architectural Intern, which is to say that I have a degree in architecture, but no license.  After the economy crashed, and knocked nearly all architects out on their tails, I sat and waited.  I waited for the economy to come back.  I waited for banks to start lending money.  I waited for builders to start building.  And I waited for Architectural Firms to start hiring.  I waited for two years before deciding to change my career path.

I decided to become a teacher.  I taught an architectural design class in college, and loved it.  I always wanted to teach architecture, and when I discovered I could do it at the high school level, I jumped.  I turned my back on my original profession, and gave teaching my all.  But that economy came back.  It is the specter over my shoulder, and with the help of my state government, education budgets were slashed, and just like that, teaching was taken away from me.  Even though I knew the answer, I still held out hope that I would once again have a job, have purpose.  I even managed to get an interview to teach Graphic Design, and the interview went so well that I began planning my lessons and decorating my classroom when lying in bed at night.  It was just a great tease, and I was crushed when it didn’t manifest.  To be honest, that it a lot of the reason that I haven’t been posting here.  I just haven’t had the heart or inspiration.  But that’s changing.

I’m picking up my heels.  I’ve decided to change my course, yet  again.  I’m not choosing a new career.  I’m tired of spending money on new certifications and degrees only to have nowhere to use them.  This time, I’m taking a que from my own blog.  I’m using what I have on hand.  If the economy is determined to keep me at home, then at home I will be.  But, in case you don’t know me, I’m not the kind to let myself be run over.  The Economy may have chosen my path, but I get to decide how will walk the journey.  I’ve decided that if at home is where I must be, then I will be the best At-Home-Mom, and Wife, that I can be.  To that end, have begun a new project.

Beautiful Home-Making is truly an art.  There is something about running a home efficiently, keeping it clean, yet still lived-in, and keeping all the day-day workings done behind the scenes so that the weekends can be free for family and friends that I love, though admittedly, even after having been home full-time for three years, I haven’t gotten it all figured out.

In the weeks to come, I will be posting on decor type things, but also my new Home-Making plan.  So stay tuned.  Sure, it’s a personal journey, but people learn from people, and who knows maybe we can learn things together.


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