Making Iron Man…

As I have mentioned before, I am the mother of a three year old Boy, and yes, that’s Boy with a CAPITAL B.  So it should be no surprise that he loves weapons and super-heroes.  Two weeks ago, he and I made two Captain America shields, one for him, and one for his dad, out of some cardboard I had laying around.  I didn’t blog about it because I only cut two large circles and coloured some rings and a star on them.  It was uber-simple.  Really.  And of course I let Son colour his own shield, so it looks nothing like Captain America’s.  Then, since he loves Robin Hood, I made him a bow to shoot make-believe arrows with — I am not about to give my son any sort of projectiles.  Again, not really blog-worthy, since all I did was cut out four bow shapes, and then glue them together, and attach some string.  I didn’t even take pictures of them.  But this latest creation is different.  For starters, it took me nearly an hour and a half to complete it!

As you might have guessed from the title, I created Iron Man, or at least part of him.  You see, Son loves Iron Man.  Although he has never seen the movies, he and his Dad watch some of the animated series.  For a while, we have improvised a costume for him with the lid of a softdrink cup.  This was Son’s idea, and he would hold one lid in each hand, pretending they were lasers.  The only problem with this was that the lids would get lost, and when they were laying about, they looked junky.  So I came up with a new plan.

I gathered a pair of red gloves I just happened to have on hand, some white fabric, scissors, and my trusty needle and thread.

To get the white circles, I traced the outer and inner rings of a canning-jar lid.  Then, I used my scissors to cut lots of tabs around the circle, flipped it over, and ironed them down.

Once I had it all ironed flat, I began to stitch it to the palm-side of the glove.  This was the most tedious part, but after an hour, one glove looked like this…

And I got faster on the second glove; it only took me 20 minutes.

The stitching is fantastic, but I wasn’t going for haute couture, and Son loves them!

Just so you know, he’s actually making the “laser” sound at this point, hence the funny face.  Afterwards, we took a trip to the consignment shop, and I got him a red, long-sleeve shirt that I plan to either sew or paint the ‘chest-laser’ onto.  I probably won’t blog about that one, either.


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