Your Opinion, Please…

I scavenged a clock from my Mother In Laws old place.  It was buried in a shed, under mud and other junk, and when I showed it to her, asking if I could have it, she laughed.  I can’t blame her, it did look sad.

And just to drive its badness home, another shot…

While I’m sure the clock was chic in its prime, it was sadly lacking now.  But, I have BIG PLANS.

And that’s where I need your help.

I’ve come up with three different designs.  I plan to repaint the frame white, to match the others in the hallway, and remove the black paint on the glass, keeping the oval intact.  Then, I want to do one of the following designs…

A design featuring important dates…

And then two with different quotes…

Since the frame is around 3 inches deep, I plan to cut a slit in the top, and then fill the clock with memories like photos, ticket stubs, or other things to help us remember a fun time together.

So which design do you like the best?  Once it is settled on, I will be back with the actual redo.



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4 responses to “Your Opinion, Please…

  1. caedwin

    I like the important date one; just wonder why you are writing the dates the European way? and I take it, 01.05.98 is your 1st date? or something along those lines?

  2. Yeah I like the date one too.

  3. My only issue with the date one is…

    What happens if we have more important dates?

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