Tree Hugger…

I have lamented the heat this summer more times than I can remember.  We’re approaching an all-time record for number of days above 100 degrees, and while that is sort of exciting, I think I can speak for us all when I say that it’s time the streak ends.  The heat, and lack of rain, have left yards destroyed, foundations cracked, and trees clinging to life.  And while I may not be a true tree-hugger, I do like them.  I had finally had enough, and decided to take nature into my own hands.

I went to Home Depot, and picked up a few things.  Ok, 60 dollars worth of things.  The first, and most expensive was a splitter for the spigot.  The store sold two kinds, a two way and four way.  I needed a three way, and so went with the four.  It set me back 15 bucks, but installed, it’s awesome, and looks like this…

I also bought two tree stakes, meant to water deeply so the roots get the water instead of just the grass.  Since our ground is as hard as concrete, I enlisted Husband’s help to drive the stakes into the ground, near the trunks of my two trees.

And finally, I picked up four soaker hoses, and one regular hose.   The soaker hoses are to save my foundation.  Deep in the heart of Texas, we have our houses built on clay, I know, the wise man would never do that.  When there is no rain, the earth cracks, some cracks large enough to lose a baseball in.  This means there is no longer any support for the foundation of the house, and it cracks and begins to fall.  To remedy this, we water the foundations with soaker hoses.  I used the one regular hose to feed the trees.

I hooked up all the hoses, and I was wrong about only needing three.

The hoses on each end are watering the house, and the green, regular hose, and the center soaker hose are watering the trees.  See?

I chose to use a soaker hose for the far tree in hopes that it will water the grass a bit on its way to the tree.  And once the ground softens a bit, we can drive the tree stake in the rest of the way.  Amazingly, even though we left the hoses on all night (cha-ching!) there was nary a puddle in the yard.  Yeah, the ground is that parched.


So how are you coping with the Sweltering Summer of 2011?



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