Hanging Out…

I spent Monday at my Mother’s house helping her with her kitchen.  Since pulling down the wallpaper, seen here, she has had the walls textured, by my brother in-law, and the walls painted, by my brother and his friend.  She chose a cheery yellow, and it really wakes the kitchen up.  She also purchased some fabric, and began making some cafe curtains.  I showed up just in time to help her hang the rods, and begin sorting out decorations.

Just in case you didn’t click back to see the wallpaper post, here’s what her kitchen used to look like…

Granted, the photo makes the kitchen seem not so bad, but it was definitely dated, and so not my mother.  She wanted something sort of French Country, but not.  It’s hard to explain.  I put together several ideas in this post, but I don’t think she’s going with any of them.  She did go ahead and order the light fixture though.

But back to Monday.  Mamma had two window’s-worth of curtains completed, except for the actual hanging hardware.  We discussed whether to use the hooks she purchased to attach the curtains to the rings, but opted to sit and stitch the rings directly to the curtains instead.  Once we had the rings all attached, we began actually mounting the curtain rods to the wall.

I tend to be a bit lax when it comes to curtain hanging.  Call me a rebel, but I don’t like to bother with measuring, marking, and drilling.  I’d rather go with the eyeball approach, which requires a second person.  Let me explain…

First, I take the curtain rod apart so that I only have to hold one half.  Then I slide on one curtain panel.  I hold the rod, with the curtain, in the bracket, and hold the bracket to the wall.

While one person holds, in this case me, the other stands back to see that the curtains are hanging at the right height.  Once the OK is given, the helper comes over and removes the rod while I hold the bracket in place, being sure not to move it at all.  Then I take a screw and set it in place.  I usually try to push it in just a bit to create a divot just in case something happens.

Then I carefully slide the bracket off, making sure not to move the screw.

After that, my helper hands me a drill, and I simply drill the screw into place, and slide the bracket back on.

To hang the other side, I put the curtain rod together, with the curtains on, rest the rod in the hung bracket, and then repeat the whole process.  This makes sure that the curtains appear level in the room, even if they aren’t actually, and since curtain rods have a fat and a thin side, it ensures that the rod hangs like it should instead of being just a bit too high on the fat side.

Once the curtain were all hung, we began her wall decorating.

Mamma has been collecting copper jello molds for a while now with the intention of hanging them on the walls.  Since we weren’t sure just how she wanted them hung, in regards to arrangement and location, I had her find some thumb tacks.  We hung the molds between the windows, using the tacks, to see how we’d like it.  The best part of using the tacks, is that we can re-arrange, and adjust the height without harming the walls.  Even better, once the positions are finalized, the tack will leave a small hole showing just where to drive the nail.

Today, her kitchen looks like this…

And here’s a close-up of the curtain fabric…

I think it’s looking good, and certainly more her than the wallpaper was.


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