Anniversary Souvenir…

I know it’s been a while since I talked about my anniversary trip to the California Wine country, but I finally have one of my DIY’d souvenirs completed.  What did I do?

Well, before we even left, I had a plan in mind.  I’ve been working, albeit slowly, on my hallway frame wall, mentioned here.  I add a little as I come across it, and try to keep an eye out for things to hang.  I’d seen across the internets various letters made of wine corks, and that’s when creativity struck.  I decided to collect wine corks from all the tastings we did, and make a number five.

To see how many corks I would need, I used some of my corks I already had on hand to lay out a number five in a shape I liked.  I needed to bring home around 30 corks; that’s a heckuva lot of wine, but I was determined to do my best!

We got to California, and ventured into the valley for tastings.  The wine was so good, and the day so wonderful, that I completely forgot to get corks!  It wasn’t until we were on our way back to our hotel that Husband even reminded me.  Man!  That meant that the next day, we really had to get to business.  Each time we drank in a tasting room, I asked for corks.  I’m sure it started to get old; it got old to me at least.  But I did manage to get enough corks for my project.  More than enough, actually…

Once I got home, I broke out my hotglue gun, and got to work.  First, I laid the corks out in the shape of a 5, and arranged the corks so that I had blanks and printed corks spaced the way I liked.

Then, I started gluing together the left vertical first, one piece at a time.  Then I moved across the top, the right side, the middle, and lastly, the bottom, gluing them all very carefully, and rearranging as needed.

Once I had them all glued, I flipped the five over, and added more glue to the back.

I let it all dry for a little while, and then dug a thumb tack out of my office supply drawer.  Why?  Well, I figured that the five was pretty light, so why not just pin it to the wall?  Once I found a tack, I simply hotglued it to the back.

After hanging, it was apparent that I needed a tack on the top and the in the middle, so I added another, and let it all dry.

I hung it in the hallway in that frame that isn’t actually a frame at all.  See the black box in the photo?

Well, it’s the remnants of a wine box I cut up to create bathroom shelves, seen here.  Son painted it black one day when we were outside working with spray paint.  I liked the size, and thought it would make a good frame, although I didn’t know what for when I hung it.  For my number five, I repainted the ‘frame’ white, to match the others, and now it looks like this…

Looking close, you can see the wax is still on some of the corks, and all the names of the wines or wineries we tried.


Just so you can see how the whole hallway looks, I took a long shot…

I love the new art, you could say it’s just my number.  Or not.  Either way, I love that the number looks chic, and that the frame was from a wine box, bringing it full circle.  I also love that it was free, and connects to the place we went.  Well, I suppose the tastings weren’t free, but if you say we did the tastings for the corks, then the wine was a free bonus.  I guess it depends on how you want to look at it!


What kind of souvenirs do you like?  Do you always buy t-shirts and snoglobes, or are you more of a found object kind of person?  Maybe you’re too busy having fun to bother thinking about souvenirs.



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One response to “Anniversary Souvenir…

  1. Q

    Beautiful job! All that begging for corks really paid off 🙂

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