Finally Fixed!

Yesterday, I mentioned that my vacation photos had been erased, and that in the process of getting them back, I downloaded a virus.  Yay.

Well, I spent most of yesterday scanning the computer with McAfee, Spybot, and even the Microsoft scanner tool.  By the time Husband got home, I was out of ideas, and the computer was still sick.  Husband decided to check out the task manager, and saw something called xx1.exe using over 200,000 worth of whatever it is that computers use.  I looked up what it was on another computer, and found that was our culprit, some malware program that did who knows what.

With a little more research, we discovered that we had to remove the program manually,


in the registry.


Dun dun DUNNN


Husband ventured into the registry, and searched for xx1.  Anything that showed up, he carefully considered, and then deleted.  Problem was that after a restart, the program was still listed in the task manager, although it was using much less usage.

So Husband right clicked, and had the computer show him the program location — did you know you could do that?  It was all coming from the temp folder, so we did a disk cleanup to remove it.  We freed up 5 gigs of space — I know, I should really clean more often, but it didn’t delete the virus; we could still see it in the folder.  When Husband tried to delete it manually, the computer said that the program was in use.  So I told husband to end the process in task manager, and then to try deleting again.


The files were gone.  Just to make sure, we restarted the computer.  So far, so good.  Husband pulled up the task manager, and sure enough, there was no xx1 listed.

I still can’t believe we did it.  Computers really stress me out; it’s a lack of knowledge and confidence thing.  But now that the computer is healthy again, things will be back to normal around here, with regularly scheduled postings and such.

*Sigh of relief.


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