The Trip…

Sorry about yesterday’s No Post.  Wait until you hear what happened.

As I mentioned all last week, Husband surprised me with a 4 day trip, sans child, for our 5th Anniversary.  We had a great time.  He took me to Carmel, California, where it was a cool 60 degrees everyday.  I think he chose it just to beat the 110 degree heat we’re having here.

Carmel is along the northern coast of California, just south of Monterrey.  It stays cool there, but during July and August, it is also cloudy and foggy — something about warm air inland clashing with the cold water of the Pacific.  Just the same, the area is filled with great food and even better wine.  It’s not a place I would take children to, since it’s mostly food and wine, with art galleries thrown in, but I saw plenty of parents with their children in tow.

Husband reserved us a room at a local Bed and Breakfast called the Colonial Terrace Inn.  The Inn was made of small clusters of rooms and gardens.  What struck me most were the flowers.

Actually, all of Carmel was filled with the most amazing gardens overflowing with flowers and plants of all sorts.  Lavender was in nearly every garden, as it grows naturally there, and it is also sold for 10 dollars a clump in various stores.  I just picked some from the side of the road for free.

Husband and I took a trip into the Carmel Valley on our first full day there.  Amazingly, once you get to the valley, the clouds open up, and the sun shines down.  All the wineries are located in the Valley, so it’s no mystery why we went.  First we had lunch at a little place called Toast, and it was awesome.  We sat outside, and even read some of our respective books just enjoying the sunshine and cool air, once we were done.

Then we walked next door to a tasting room for a local winery called Chock Rock.  (Ok, so as now, their website is still in the works, but you can get a look at the label!)  The wine was awesome.  As a matter of fact, I hate Chardonnay, it’s just too sweet for me, but theirs was amazing.  Their Pinots were good too.  We ordered 4 bottles to be shipped to us, and the wine guy (son of the owner) wouldn’t ship them to us until October because he was worried about the Texas heat hurting the wine.  Talk about care for his craft.

We tried a few other wineries, although none were as good that day as Chock Rock, and then headed back to the coast.  Husband made a fire in one of the garden fireplaces at our B&B, and we sipped wine and read some more until dinner time.

The next morning, we had breakfast a local place, and it was pretty good; certainly better than the place we went the morning before.

Em Lee’s is supposed to be known for their French Toast, but I had been forewarned and didn’t order it.  Turned out, their French Toast is made like a funnel cake.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good funnel cake, but not for breakfast, and I wouldn’t call it French Toast.

After breakfast, we headed out on the “17 mile drive” that runs along the coast, up through Pebble Beach, the Spanish Bay, and into Monterrey.  Although it was cloudy the whole time, I got some great photos, and we even stopped to take a photo of ourselves together.

It’s a good thing too, because I really wanted to get a nice, but small and inexpensive piece of art for my hallway wall, and we never got to buying any art.  Mostly because the one gallery we walked into didn’t have anything for less than $1,900.00.  The photos from “17 mile drive” will do, with a little photoshop, I think.  The coastline was neat, full of crashing waves, round rocks, sea gulls, and even seals, real, wild seals.  But mostly I didn’t take photos of the wildlife.  I didn’t have a telephoto lens, and so I couldn’t get close enough.  And based on my zoo photos in the past, I’m not much of a wildlife photographer.  I did try my hand at some birds, though…

But mostly I took pictures of the waves and the rocks…

and the roads.  You never know when you need a good photo for a road metaphor.

This one is my personal favorite.  It really captures just how smokey it was out there.

And that was our trip.  Great food, and Great wine, and the company wasn’t bad, either.

I have some other souvenir ideas that I will post throughout the week, for now, I have to print out some photos, and head to the frame store.


Oh my, I was so relaxed just reliving my vacation that I completely for to explain Yesterday’s No Post.

I sat down to my computer to begin working on the vacation photos.  I cut and pasted the images from the SD card to the computer, and then looked at them all, and rotated which ones needed to be.  When I went to pull them into photoshop, all the good ones were gone.  I only had a few snapshots, and then the photos of us at the restaurant and on the beach.  That’s right.  The photos of the road, the beach, and the flowers, were all gone.  Just disappeared.  I checked the recycle bin, did a search, and cried a little.  I then found a program called File Scavenger and downloaded the free version.  After an overnight scan, it found the files.  I was so happy, I nearly hit the ceiling!  I selected my files, and clicked Restore.  In seven seconds, it had restored the files, or at least 64kb of each file.  Yeah, thats enough to preview the photo, and about 4 pixel lines worth of actual photo, but not the whole photo.  To get anything more than 64kb, you had to purchase a license.

I searched online for a keygen, and even downloaded a couple, but they never generated a key, and I had to purchase the license for 50 bucks.  Even worse, downloading the keygens has given my computer a pop-up style virus that McAfee can’t see.  All I know is that every 20 minutes or so, internet exlorer opens on its own, and displays some sort of ad.  I’m not the best with computers, and since I don’t understand them, I tend to panic when they’re messed up.  I’ve got to get rid of the virus, but if I do a system restore, I’ll lose my photos that I worked so hard to find, I think.  Though now that I think of it, I wonder if moving the photos to another drive, and then doing a restore would fix the problem and save my photos.  Any thoughts?



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3 responses to “The Trip…

  1. caedwin

    sounds like a problem for David! Pamela, can he help??

  2. Pamela

    That is exactly what I was thinking before I read your comment. He says he can help. I would cry, too!

  3. Those are some sweet photos. I can’t wait to visit Cali myself. Although I will be further north. Why all the smoke, fires?

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