Hammer It Out…

While getting ready for my trip last week, I did something that I don’t usually talk about.  The subject is something ladies don’t like to talk about, hoping that if never mentioned, no one will ever notice.  The subject?

Stinky Shoes.

More specifically…

Stinky Shoes creating Stinky Feet.

I know.  It’s gross.  But I said it, and I’m hear to let you know that it can be fixed.  Really.  No matter what kind of shoe, you can kill the stink, and save your feet.  What the secret?  Come closer…

Yep.  Baking Soda.  You see, Stinky Shoes is caused by bacteria, and while we normally kill bacteria with vinegar, alcohol, or even good ole sunshine, all of these can destroy your shoes.  But baking soda can kill germs too.  It’s a base — remember chemistry class and the acid/base lecture featuring vinegar volcanoes?  Well, a base is just as deadly as an acid like vinegar, and baking soda isn’t wet.  So what do you do?

First, you forgive me for the bad photos, my camera battery was dead on the good camera.  Then, you simply sprinkle in some soda…

spread it around with your hands, making sure to get the places where the foot touches most, and into cracks where bacteria may be trying to get away…

and then you let it sit.  You can let it sit for an hour, or over night, but the longer, the better.  Just shake out the powder whenever you are ready to wear them, and you will be smell free.  At least your feet will be.  I promise.




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