So Proud!

I’m wearing off on Husband.  Well, at least my frugality.

Last week, Husband broke one of his tools at work.  This one…

Don’t ask me what it does, all that I know is that he broke the switch.  Well, he talked to his tool guy, and the guy just wanted to sell him a new, flashier model.  A model that cost $170 bucks!  Ouch.  Husband flat out said no, and did a little looking on his own.

Instead of buying a new tool, tossing the old one in the trash, and eating through our savings, Husband decided to simply buy, and replace the switch!  A 6 dollar switch!  I know.  I’m so proud I’m weeping.

 Ok, maybe not, but I am glad he decided to do what I would do, and fix what he can instead of tossing what works perfectly fine, but for the one problem.  So Yay for him!


Have you repaired something instead of purchasing anew?  How much did you save?



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