Green Luck…

I have always wanted a lemon tree.  We use a lot of lemons when cooking, and who wouldn’t want a tree like this in their kitchen…

I hear they are fragrant, too.  Mmmm.

So after slicing up some lemons a few weeks ago, I grabbed a jar, filled it with potting soil, and pushed the seeds under.  I didn’t know if it would work, so I put in all the seeds, just in case.  Call me Nadya Sulemon.

Two days ago, I noticed a single sprout.  WaHoo!  Most of the time, my potted plants look like this…

Yep, that’s my lemon, and regular thyme.  I think the extreme temperatures fried them both.  It’s extra sad because the big pot, filled with the lemon thyme, was planted last year!  It survived the winter outside, and came back wonderfully.  I don’t think it’s coming back this thyme (hehehe), though.  I’ve been watering it, moved it to the shade, and nothing has worked.  But I feel my luck may be changing.

Earlier in the week, I walked outside, and saw that my basil plant, which I thought was done for, had new leaves.  Now it looks like this…

You can see that it had already bloomed, and the branches became all stick-like and woody.  I just kept watering it, hoping it to revive, and she did!  And now my lemon seeds?  There are now three baby trees…

I’m so proud of my little guys.

But I did some research.  Turns out that planting lemon seeds from a grocery store lemon is a bit of a gamble.  I could end up with a 20 foot tree.  My ceilings are only 8 feet high, and Texas is no place for an outdoor lemon tree.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll be lucky on that account too.

Have you ever planted a seed from grocery store produce?  What did you get?


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