Getting Ready: The Packing…

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Husband is taking me away for our anniversary.  I’ve made a necklace, a bag, and even dyed a pair of jeans.  Now I’m packing.

I’m a nervous packer, maybe even neurotic.  I’m always terrified that I will forget something, be over/under dressed, be cold or hot, or worse, just plain not look good.  It’s a vacation, and I while I want to be comfortable, I always like to dress a tad nicer than I would at home.  I feel more festive this way, I guess.  In anycase, I start planning outfits, and what I need to take, days, sometimes even weeks in advanced.  Don’t get me started on the months it took to assemble my honeymoon trousseau.  I usually start by trying on every possible outfit in my closet, and then making lists, losing lists, making more lists, crying that I have nothing to wear, and finally, getting it all wrapped up, and crammed into my suitcase.  Am I the only one that packs this way?

This is the first time that I’ve gotten to share all of this with you, and it’s kind of freeing to put it all out there.  So grab your bags, cause here we go…


When Husband first told me we were going away, and that it was to California, I pictured sandals, sun dresses, shorts, and tanks.  Then I found out we were going to Northern California, and I checked the weather.

Yeah.  That’s cold.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  The temps here have been above 100 degrees for 17 straight days, and with our humidity, it feels more like 108-110.  Yeah.  That’s hot, and not in the good way.  So I am looking forward the cooler temps, but it means no shorts and no sun dresses.  That means that all the outfits I had come across and pinned on pinterest, weren’t going to cut it.

So I tore through my closet, and checked what I had.  I finally decided on the following outfits, with some not fully decided on — maybe you guys can help.

For Fly-Out day…

I will be wearing same shoes for the whole trip, a nice, comfortable, canvas, peep-toe slip-on.  I was going to bring a pair of wedges, but mine look best with shorts, and no shorts means no wedges.  The weather helped to simplify my packing.

You’ll notice for colour, I will be wearing my jersey knit necklace.  It’s also  metal-detector proof.  Yay for airport ease!  Yes, I’ll still have to remove my bracelet and watch, oh, and slip off my shoes, but it should all be pretty easy for the security line.

For our first day, I can’t decide between the two following outfits…

My white pants with a brown, silky halter to show off my shoulders, a purple sweater in case I get cold, a brown belt, and antique-y gold jewelry. Or…

My white pants with a blue, not silky but not cotton, top, brown belt, gold jewelry, and no sweater because the shirt is fairly warm.  So far I’m liking the brown outfit best because the blue top reminds me too much of my Day 2 outfit…

Same white pants, but a denim shirt, brown belt, and simple turquoise bracelet.  I’m loving this outfit.  I love the casual, but still nice, look of it.  I can’t wait to wear it.

And of course, you simply must take an “out to dinner” outfit; you know, something sexy, and nice, for our anniversary dinner.  I dug through my barely worn clothes to see what I could piece together.

It’s hard to see, but I’ve chosen black pumps, a black mini-skirt, black long-line, and an old lace top that I’ve decided to wear backwards.  The top has a plunging neckline, but when I wear it the “right” way, it makes me look frumpy.  When worn backwards, it plunges in the back, cuts straight across my collar bone, and sits right across the shoulders.  I don’t know why I didn’t turn it around sooner.  I’ll be tucking it in, and wearing a belt, but I haven’t decided fully on which belt.  The black one I obviously have, but I’d love a red one for a serious pop of colour.  I have a bright blue belt, with matching shoes, but Husband hates the shoes.  Sad, really, cause I love them.  Then again, they may draw too much attention, and I secretly think that is why he doesn’t like them.

And finally, for the Fly-Home, I’m basically repeating the Fly-Out outfit, but with a different top.

But I haven’t decided if I should wear the white beads, or repeat my jersey knit one…


In case I forgot, I wrote everything down in a, you got it, a list.

You can see how simple the list makes it all look.  That’s part of why I love the list, and why I plan out everything I pack.  I am only taking 2 pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes and belts (I’d only need one each if it weren’t for dinner), and two sweaters.  That means more room in the suitcase for wine and other souvenirs, or, just wine.  I just hope nothing happens to my white pants.  Cross your fingers.


So how do you pack?  Are you borderline neurotic like me, or do you just cram your whole closet into a bag or two?  Should I stick with the brown top outfit?  Should I go buy a red belt?  What about those white beads?



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2 responses to “Getting Ready: The Packing…

  1. Pamela

    When we went to San Francisco in June ’09, it was freezing! Not kidding, almost winter Texas weather cold. I like your both of your fly day outfits (I’d wear the white necklace with the red top) and my vote goes for the silky brown halter. I like the coloring of that outfit better than the bright blue top with white pants and yes, it looks too similar to the jean top/white pants outfit. I’ve been looking for a jean top like that – I really like it! Good outfit selection. Whenever I pack for a trip, I first start out by counting how many days/nights I’ll be away and then start from there. Lists are definitely involved, but I don’t really panic. I tend to purchase items before to get prepared (and to avoid the meltdowns of “I don’t have anything to wear”…I hate those moments). Have funnnn! Happy (early) anniversary.

  2. caedwin

    BTW, you shouldn’t have to remove your watch when you go through security. I’ve never taken off any jewelry; I did have to remove a belt one time, because it was metal (one of those stretchy “coin” belts).

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