What Do You Get…

When you cross an old scanner, keyboard, and box together?

A new, and annoyingly entertaining toy!

Inspiration struck when I opened my mail to find one of those American Express pretend credit cards.  I gave it to Son, and he immediately started bringing me things from his toybox that he wanted to “buy.”  So I thought, why not create him a checkout counter where he could “buy” things properly.

I found some chairs to lay an old Ikea box across.  Then I pulled out our old scanner, and set it on the chair too.  But I wasn’t done.  No, we needed something to do all the calculating of totals, and running the debit card on.  Out came an old computer keyboard.  I added some finishing touches, namely a magazine rack, and we were ready to roll.

But I was wrong.  Son quickly decided it was more fun to play the clerk than the customer.  So it was up to me to do all the shopping.  At least he was a polite clerk.

He’d say “Good Morning, Ma’am!” or “How are you today, Ma’am?”

Then he’d take each item, touch it to the scanner glass, say “Boop!” and then place it into my bag; of course, I brought my own.

Then he’d tally up my total, and no mater what I bought, it always worked up to $75 dollars, except for the time it was $7500!  Expensive store.

I’d hand him my card, and he’d slide it through the keys.

Then, he’d hand me my groceries, and say “Have a nice day!” and…

once he said, “Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart!”

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a few un-used items.  Heck, he made me play for over an hour!  Maybe I shouldn’t be so creative and awesome all the time; it’s exhausting.


Do you make things out of household junk?  What kind of toys did you create as a child?



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2 responses to “What Do You Get…

  1. Too cute! I love how creative you got with this! Gotta work with whatcha got!
    I worked at a daycare center in high school and the kids absolutely LOVED this game. They would play “store” all day every day! And the funny thing is, they would say “thank you for shopping at Walmart” all the time, too! I guess they’re ALL listening way more than we think, huh?

  2. Pamela

    Thanks for the laughs at seven something in the morning. The whole “thank you for shopping at walmart” line really cracked me up!

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