Sometimes You Got It, Sometimes You Don’t…

In this case, I don’t got it.

I mentioned yesterday that my mother is revamping her kitchen.  Well, we went shopping for a few things, and and after finding some hooks, we decided it would look nice to hang a metal vase from one with some flowers — similar to how I have flowers in my laundry room, seen here, near the bottom of the post.  The only problem?  The metal vase-basket that we found was a mid modern with embossed dots, and not so Country-French.  So we got the bright idea to fix it.

We picked up the vase, two colours of spray paint, some spray adhesive, and some cut paper, in a pattern Mamma liked.

Then, because she wanted the scrolls to be blue, on a white base, we painted the whole thing blue.

I did this in my kitchen, with paper spread of course, because with the mercury reaching 104 outside, there was no way the paint would work.  After that blue coat, it looked like this…

Then, we coated the paper with spray adhesive…

and stuck it onto the vase.

At this point, I started to wonder, but I didn’t have anything to lose.

So I coated it with white paint…

and got worse.  With every coat, the paper got heavier, and pulled away from the vase.  But we still had our fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t look so bad.  We pulled off the paper…


It looked more camouflaged than French.  It was terrible.  Oh well.  It’s only paint.  It can still be saved, and tuned into a new design.

Have you ever failed miserably with a craft?  Please share, it will make us feel better!



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