Mamma Mia…

Ok, so my mother really prefers French kitchens, but I don’t know what they would say…

I mentioned on Monday that we spent Thursday and Friday pulling off the wallpaper in her kitchen.  (More on that here in case you missed the riveting play by play.)  Here is the kitchen, from both sides, after we removed the paper.

The island in the middle holds her stove, and the sink is in the bright area behind the refrigerator.

Her husband is holding firm on not painting the cabinets, but I believe the rest is fair game.

First on the agenda is to texture the walls to match the rest of the house, and then paint them a light yellow.  Then Mamma wants to order, and install this light fixture over the breakfast table, found here.

She has an affinity for white and blue ceramics, so the fixture is a natural choice for her, and it will certainly look better than the dated piece hanging in the breakfast nook now.

Then she wants to install cafe curtains on the windows.  She’s looking for a print, perhaps a floral, or maybe something like this…

They would pull the look of the chandelier from the ceiling onto the walls.  Right now we are in discussions as to whether or not she should have a valance, and if she should have the curtains fully functional, meaning they can close all the way.  I say that since she is in the country, and the only way Peeping-Toms could, well, peep, would be if they were able to get past the gate, and walk the 1/4 mile from the road, that she shouldn’t worry about closing them, and therefore shouldn’t have so much fabric.  It could get bulky.  I also suggested possibly putting a shelf directly above the curtain rod for plants and small treasures.  Like a combination of this

and this

 but lower.

So far, she hasn’t taken the bait.

In the kitchen proper, she wants to paint the backsplash on the right-side of the photo – opposite the fridge, and I have mentioned that pulling off the existing 3″ splash will help the cabinets look more like furniture, and less like utilitarian pieces.  Another idea would be to measure off the center cabinets, and cover just a section of the backsplash with bead-board or shallow shelves.  This would make that area look like a hutch, and could be nice.

On the other side of the kitchen, where the wet-works are, she’s thinking of tiling.  Her husband has requested that whatever she choose be easily cleanable, and not collect dust and grease.  That pretty much rules out bricks and stone, but gleaming white subway tile could be cool.  Something like this, perhaps…

or maybe even as modern as this…

or maybe more traditional…

I’m sure she’d also love that sink, although her’s functions just fine.

I’m also trying to talk her into adding glass-fronted cabinets to the area above the existing cabinets.

This would add attractive storage, not that her kitchen needs it.  I plan to do something similar when we finally redo our kitchen, and get rid of those crackled old things.

And finally, she wants to replace the kitchen light fixtures.  As you can see from the above photo (I’ll repost it so you don’t have to scroll back up) her fixtures are just a bit dated.

Ok, a lot dated.

Since she doesn’t want to go the way of a hanging pot rack over her stove, she’s free to hang pretty chandeliers.  I wonder if I could get her to go for this…

Probably not, and even if I could, her husband would complain that it’d be hard to keep clean.  I guess he’d be right.

So maybe she should go with something more farmy and industrial, like this…

or this; it certainly says farm…

But I feel that a texture might be a nicer contrast to the tile and other hard surfaces, so I vote for something more along these lines…


I don’t know what she will say about all the images I’ve found — I haven’t run any of this by her.  She may hate it, but she may love it.  Whenever the kitchen is finished, I promise to share.


How would you interpret Country-French?  How would you decorate your own kitchen?


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One response to “Mamma Mia…

  1. Pamela

    I like the gleaming white tile look. I also think the yellow paint with the blue/white ceramics would look so charming. As far as light fixtures go, I’m not sure what would look best. Looking forward to the transformation.

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