Son’s Turn…

I know I’ve been blogging a lot about sewing lately, but it’s sew easy, and practically free.  At least when I do it, because I use old shirts and such.  But after getting out the fabric to make my necklace, and then the sewing machine to make my now favorite bag, Son has been itching to get behind the wheel.  So today, I finally let him.  Don’t worry, I was there to help him all the way.

About a month ago, Son adopted an old bunny rabbit he had from birth, but never cared much about.  He has decided it is his baby sister (no, there is, and no plan of, a baby sister in the near future).  He takes good care of his new sister, and since he’d been dying to sew, I asked if he’d like to make a blanket for her.  His eyes got bright, he got giddy, and he said YEAH!!!

So we went to my fabric box, and he selected two different colours of fabric, one from the shirt I used to make my necklace, mentioned above, and the other from an old pillow case.  We carried them to the table, and he marked a line while I held a ruler.  Then I cut out two fabric panels, and together, we pinned them together.

We moved over to the sewing machine, and I started the stitching before handing it over to Son.

After telling him to go slowly, I let Son press the foot-feed (we call it the gas pedal), and I helped to guide the fabric through the machine.  Son pulled out the pins, and placed them into the jar too!

After about three sides, he was bored, and I had to finish it, but he still got to sew.  In the end, he was quite happy with his new blanket for Baby Sister.  She was happy with it, too.

Ok, he really isn’t that nice in photos.  I had to beg him to sit still.  Most of the time, I get this…

Baby Sister will be nice and warm, and tucked in from now on.  A little warning, though, if it’s your first time to sew on a machine, I recommend not starting with a jersey knit.  The fabric is soft, but very stretchy, making it hard to sew.  Since this was just a toy blanket, I wasn’t really worried about it, and like I said, Son is happy with it.

What was your first sewing job?  Were you the young age of three?


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