We Cut It In Half!

Last year, we broke down, and finally replaced our old air conditioner, I even blogged about it here.  I knew it would be more efficient than a unit made when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth, but we didn’t have much in the way of hard data and truth.  Until now.  I give you exhibit A…

Notice than in June of 2010, our electricity usage was around 1300 kWh.  I was hanging laundry outside to dry, and opening the windows whenever I could.  I must confess that I am NOT hanging my laundry out to dry this summer, due to the heat.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s crazy hot outside this year.  Which makes the dramatic fall in kWhs all the more, well, dramatic.  This June, we’re down to just above 750 kWh, and we have had 48 consecutive days of above normal temperatures, and for more than 7 days in a row, the mercury has topped the 100 mark.

So what’s our secret for keeping our kWhs so low?  We have a few tricks.

  • We have a radiant barrier in the attic
  • Extra insulation in the attic
  • Windows with a solar-film on the west and south sides of the house
  • And our awesome, 1 year old air conditioner
To be fair, Last June we had all of the above except the new A/C, and I should really dig around for our electricity usage before the windows and attic work, but I am happy with the chart I do have.  I feel so cool.
Have you seen any dramatic improvements in your home?  What did you do?

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