Getting Ready, the DIY Way…

Last week, Husband surprised me with a trip for our Anniversary.  He was worried about when to tell me, and concerned that he was going to spill the beans, so he told me with a month to spare.  I told him that that was perfect!  I now have time to plan, and create, and get ready for my, I mean OUR, trip.

I’ve been dying to make a t-shirt necklace, and this was just the motivation I needed.

I’ve made my own jewelry before, more about that here, and a while back, I came across a tutorial by Rad Megan, who is truly rad, on how to do, and not to do, a t-shirt necklace.  I happened to have a rotary cutter, since after seeing her scissor mess, is a definite must-have, and a cutting mat, not to mention tons of old, jersey knit shirts I’ve been saving for projects.  I dug out a shirt with a nice colour, and set to work.

Since Son was wanting to help, and since he always wants to wear necklaces too — whatever Mamma does, Son has to do too, I made him a necklace first.   I’m glad I did this because it seems that ribbed t-shirts don’t curl like they should.  And then I set to doing mine.

The shirt I chose was one I wore after I had Son, and it is HUMONGOUS!  I used a straight edge to trim off the bottom hem, and then cut 3/4″ strips.  I learned to only go in one direction with the cutter, and to to press firmly so the cutting wheel went all the way through the fabric in one fell swoop.  Once I cut my strips from the body of the shirt, I cut one small strip from a sleeve for tie-up purposes.

You’re supposed to stretch the strips to get them to curl, and I stretched and stretched, but they never really curled.  I think they will change quite a bit after they are washed, though.   But this is how it looks now.

I love how versatile it is.  With one necklace, I can get at least four different styles.



And Short.

The short version has made me realize that if I have more strips, the t-shirt necklace could make a great alternative to a scarf come wintertime.


What do you think?  Do you ever make your own accessories?


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