Laundry Room Make-Over…

After turning the garage door into a chalkboard here, and painting the trim here, I just couldn’t stop.  I was having soo much fun!  Ok, I don’t enjoy painting that much, but I do enjoy design, and design on a dime is even better.

I had it in my head to redo my laundry room.  I wanted to add some interest, and figured the small room wouldn’t be that hard to paint.  I took a trip to my hall closet.  It’s like a Sherwin Williams in there.

Every room we have ever painted, and had left over paint — which is every time we’ve painted since our rooms are small — has it’s left over paint stored here.  I’ve tapped this stash for all sorts of projects, from the trim painting to the guestroom silhouette art (more about that here).  This time, I snagged the green paint in the back corner.

This paint is over 5 years old, left over from when Husband painted our bedroom, and I wasn’t even sure there would be enough paint still in the can, but figured it was worth the peek.  You see, the laundry room is at the diagonally opposite corner of the house from the Master Bedroom, and the designer in my loved the idea of linking the two rooms, and unifying the house.  Lucky for me, there was indeed enough paint, and the paint was still usable; it just needed a quick stirring.

To help that paint go a long way, I chose to do something bold.  I wanted stripes.

I measured, drew with a level, and taped the laundry room walls off.  I even did behind the washer and dryer.

I went with 18″ down from the ceiling, and then stripes of 12 and 10 inches.  It was an amazing stroke of luck that my stripes lined up perfectly with my shelves.  I was ecstatic.  I may have even done a happy dance.

Since I was only painting the green stripes, and leaving the others current wall-white, I made sure my tape was placed accordingly.

A few tips.

  • Paint the edges with a stippling motion, or a stabbing, jabbing motion, if you prefer.  This will give you nice straight edges, and little bleed though.
  • Use tape that is at least the width of your brush (I painted the stripes with a brush).  I learned this the hard way.  I used the tape I happened to have on hand, I even some of Husband’s car tape when I ran out.  Maybe I’m just an erratic stippler, or maybe I have hidden issues, either way, there were a few times that my brush slipped over the other side of the painters tape.
  • Pull the tape off before the paint completely dries.  This will keep the edges clean, and the prevent the paint from peeling up with the tape.
Once I was finished, and again it took longer than I planned — each stripe to approximately one and a half superman episodes, yes I am a bad mom — the laundry room looked so fresh, and new!
Those flowers, along with the container the flowers are in, are from my wedding, five years ago this month.  That’s the toss bouquet; I have no idea what happened to my actual bouquet.  I like the happiness it brings, and the further connection to that opposite corner of the house.
And for the view I will see the most often, from the kitchen table…
I love the mix of the black, white, and green.  It’s so fun, and un-laundryroom like.  Husband is still deciding on it.
What Husband does like, however, is that I did it all for free!  I even have left over paint still.  Wonder what I can paint next…
Have you done any free make-overs lately?  What do you think of mine?


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2 responses to “Laundry Room Make-Over…

  1. caedwin

    Looks really, really good!

  2. Pamela

    YES, I love it!! Such a fresh look and different idea. You are coming over when we buy a house and helping us with your creative touch. Please?

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