Follow Through…

A few posts back, I painted my laundry room door frame white (more about that here).  I did this so that we could begin to track Son’s growth, but it looked so great, that I was inspired to think about painting the rest of the trim in the kitchen.  Amazingly, I actually did it!

I photographed all of the maroon trim so you could see how lovely and plentiful it was.

There was the doorway to the living room…

The pantry door frame…

The two window sills…

And inexplicably, this one teeny, tiny piece of base trim — the rest is wall colour.

All I can figure is that they forgot to mask it when painting the pantry frame, and then messed up.

I broke out my 3 year old can of white trim paint, and got to work.  It was just a little bit of trim, so I figured I’d be done by lunch time.

Yeah.  Right.

It took me all day!!

I couldn’t believe it either; must’ve been the three coats of paint each frame took.  But now that it’s done, my kitchen looks soo much better.  Turns out the crackle-finished cabinets aren’t even such the eyesore that they were before.  Amazing what white trim can do.

And in the words of LeVar Burton, “Don’t just take my word for it..”

The doorway into the livingroom…

The window sill…

And the pantry corner, just so you can see the window sill, pantry frame, and odd base trim all at once…

See how it brightens the whole corner?!  And you may also notice the base trim under the window.  Yeah, I messed up a little.  The trim was stained, so I figured I’d just paint it while I was down there.  Turns out my white trim paint isn’t the same white the previous Flippers used on the walls and base trim.  Oh well.  Someday, I’ll get to redo my kitchen, and the walls will be repainted anyway.



Have you taken on any projects recently only to find it took you way longer than you anticipated?  Is anyone else out there using really old paint?


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