Basket Replacement…

Yesterday, I shared with you my thriftstore treasures, and among the glasses, and space needle, was a wire basket.  While it was nice enough that I would’ve photo’d it for yesterday’s post, I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t actually need it.

What could I possibly need a wire basket for?  I’ve actually been looking for one for a while.  I wanted to replace a small, ok large, kitchen eyesore.

See anything in the above picture that doesn’t really fit, visually and literally?  Yep, you guessed it.  The copper hanging basket.

I love the function it provides — lid storage for my shelves of glass jars, and a place for them to drip dry so they don’t rust when washed.  But it really didn’t fit, and it made the kitchen look a bit junky.  So whenever I would be out shopping, I’d keep my eye out for a wire basket that would be smaller, look nicer, and still function the way I needed it too.  I bought one with a built in towel rod, and then another with birds, but neither fit the space, and so they were both returned.  So when I saw this wire basket at Goodwill, I new it had to work.  It was tiny, and it was only a dollar.  The other baskets that didn’t work out?  All were more than ten.

I placed the basket in the space I planned to hang it just to check it’s size.  It was a perfect fit!  Now I just needed to hang it.  But I didn’t have and hooks.  So I made some.

I found some nails, and bent them with my trusty pliers.  Ok, they are Husband’s trusty pliers, but I use them just as often, and this being Texas, they are half mine.

I was quite pleased with my ingenuity, until I tried to hammer the nails into the side of the cabinet.  It just didn’t work, I had to drill holes to push the nails into.  Next time, I’ll bend the nails after I hammer them in.

In any case, the basket is now hung, and looks like this…

Making the window go from this…

to this…

Yeah, I’m not so sure that I like it yet.  I love the extra light it lets in, but it sticks out a bit far, I think.  Maybe if I cut a side of the basket off, and rotate the whole thing?  What do you think?  What would you do?



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2 responses to “Basket Replacement…

  1. Is that cracked paint look aging or intentional?

  2. On the cabinets? I believe it was intentional, but not something I would ever do. It was generously left to us by the previous home-owners. I hate it so much, that I may forever be turned off by ‘crackle-finish.’

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