Thrifting, Again…

Last week, my mother and I went to the thriftstore.  I needed some new glasses, I only had three left — something about having all hard floors, and a three year old, and Mamma just wanted to hunt.  I meant to take my good camera, but forgot it, so many of the photos were taken with the iPhone, I will apologize now.

First, we ran into a Habitat Restore.  I’d never been into one, and she hadn’t either.  Why not see what they had.  And mostly, they had building supplies, at incredibly cheap prices, but they also had a nice selection of light fixtures, artwork, and mirrors.  I fell in love with these…

They would look great in my soon-to-be-redone living room, and they were only 30 bucks a piece!  But I promised Husband I wouldn’t splurge on anything, so I left them there.  Maybe I can still convince him, using my lovely photograph.  Cross your fingers they are still there!

After, we walked next door to the local Goodwill.  There I found some nice things, some ok things, and some not so great things.  I took pictures just so I could share!

First I’ll show you some things that could be cool, with a bit of work.

All this baby needed was some polish, and she’d look lovely holding pencils on a desk.  Yes, it’s a she.  Looks kinda pineapple-y, and pineapples can’t be boys!

Vintage clocks are pretty trendy right now, and all this one needs is a new background image.  With a little effort, you could draw a new one, or even mount a photo in there.  And you know, I didn’t even notice that fancy clock to the right while I was there; just goes to show that my eyes only see what is within my creative scope.

And this guy only needs a shot of paint.  Don’t ask me why the pineapple is a girl, and this flower plague is a boy, it just is.  But painted bright white, or a bold colour, it could rock your wall.

And the not so great?  Well there was this…

There were three of them.  I couldn’t figure out why anyone would decorate an ice cube tray, but my ever so smart mother pointed out that it could be used to hold jewelry.  Hmmm.  I guess, but would you really want that sitting out on your dresser or vanity?

There was also this painting, that was listed for $24.99, and would go great in my mother’s guestroom, so she snagged it for half off with a coupon.

And what did I get?  Well, as I mentioned, I needed glasses, and Husband asked that they all match, so I dug through the shelves, and came up with two different, matching sets of 4.  I also got Son a small stem glass, that he picked out, and what seems to be a china espresso cup — Son likes fancy glasses.

Ok, there were four of each, but Son already broke one, and the other is currently being used.  The stem glass will be nice when Husband and I have wine with dinner, and when I got home, I looked up what the gold writing on it said.  It’s Scottish, which is cool because Husband is partly Scottish, and says something about being the True Race, and the MacGreggor battle cry.  Oh and that basket?  Yeah, I splurged, but only a little.  You’ll see what I do with that basket later in the week.

And there’s one other thing that I just had to get.

It was only a dollar, and I used to be an architect, so it’s cool to have something structural in the house.  I love it.

What have you scored at the thriftstore lately?  Any so rad that you made sure no one was looking when you pulled it off the shelf?  Or is your thriftstore mostly filled with laughable items, like the ice tray?  Please share!


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One response to “Thrifting, Again…

  1. Pamela

    I haven’t had much luck finding treasures in thrift stores. Bummer, because I’m SO wanting to have a DIY project. I need to go with you ladies – y’all seem to find cool stuff.

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