Mission Organization — Pantry…

So I have kind of fallen off the wagon since beginning my Mission Organization way back in October.  Ok, so I did complete my closet, my dresser, the guest bathroom, my bathroom, and the guestroom closet, but I hadn’t done anything for months.  So I decided I better get busy.

I walked into my kitchen, and set to work.

Ok, so my pantry needed a little more than work; it needed an intervention.  I enlisted some help.

Son loves to pull stuff out of their proper places, so I told him to have at it on the bottom, while I rearranged the upper shelves.  After about 45 minutes, the pantry looked like this…

The changes are subtle, but they really do make a difference.  Let me share a few of the tips I have for small pantries.

First, if you have lots of canned goods, as we do, it seems best to organize them in rows instead of columns.  What I mean is, put all your corn in front of each other instead of stacking them atop each other.  This will allow you to stack other items on top, like green beans.  Sure, there are issues if you run out of a lower item, but I like to keep my pantry stocked.  It also keeps me from knocking can-towers over when reaching for things in the back.

You’ll also notice the large Sprite box.  Surprise! It’s not full of Sprite.  It has canned tomatoes in it.  We go through a lot of canned tomatoes, and by storing them on their sides in the box, I can stack other things on top, and still get to my tomatoes.

And finally, my small-space motto.  If you can’t move out, move up!  I mounted a basket on the door to hold all those chips, out of the grasp of snacky little hands.

Getting all that cleaned motivated me to keep going in the kitchen. First, I hung two of my colanders high on the wall.  Sure, they are still useful, but now they are also decoration.

Then, I got busy in my lower cabinets.

You see, I’m always lamenting my less than adequate storage space, and then I realized that I had given Son and entire cabinet to keep random kitchen things in that I never use.  Why?!  I apologized to Son, and we pulled everything out.

Some of it got donated, most of it got tossed, and the plastic bowls that had lids, I kept, just in case.  And all of Son’s cooking stuff tools?  They got stashed in his kitchen stool.

So the cabinet went from this…

to this…

I know, what took me so long?!  Even worse, before I organized it, it was one of those avalanche cabinets, you know, where you had to cram-n-slam to get the door to close.

I finished with the sink cabinet.

By moving the crock-pot, buried in the back there, to Son’s old cabinet, I freed up tons of space.  And then I went one more.  Remember my small space motto?  It applies under the sink too.

I picked up a tension rod at my local Wal Mart for less than 3 dollars.  I can now hang all my spray bottles and gloves.

So my sink cabinet now looks like this…

Look at all that space!  I have no idea what to do with it all.  I feel like I need to get my stuff to cram it back to fullness.  Maybe not.



Have you re-organized a space lately and found acres more room?  Do you have any tips or tricks?


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