From the Peanut Gallery…

Or just my hallway.

I have been creating lots of wall art as of late.  First, there was the Butterfly, which after asking you guys, and Husband, I decided to go with the cloud back ground.  Then, there was our Father’s Day gift, which Husband absolutely loved, and all this art needed hanging.

I’ve been secretly working on a frame wall for a while now, and with the new additions, it seemed like the perfect time to write  a post about it.

First, let me say that the method I used is by no means my own method, but I am here to say that this method does indeed work!  It’s not one of those things where the pros use it, and when you try it’s a disaster – like that tin-foil disaster yesterday.  No, this little trick really does work; it works so well that it is the only way I will do this from now on.

Bet you’re curious now, huh.

For this new picture hanging method, you will need scissors, old newspapers/wrapping paper/ect, painters tape, a pencil, a ruler, and your frames.

First, lay your art on the paper, and trace the shape.  Then cut along the line.

Hang the papers on the wall with the painters tape, and rearrange until you have your desired look.  Mine looked like this…

or this, depending on perspective…

It took me a few times to get it all arranged how I thought it looked best, and I recommend writing the name of the art on its corresponding piece of paper.

Once you get it set to your liking, simply measure where the nails need to go according to the hangers on your art.  This is where I realized that removing the back of the frame on the Butterfly art also removed my hangers.  Lucky for me, the Father’s Day frame came with extras, in case you wanted to hang it another direction, and so I stole one from it.

(Doesn’t everybody use the back of their couch as a workbench?  No?  But it’s the perfect height!)  And I attached it to the Butterfly.

Then I measured how far down, and how far in the nail needed to be for hanging.

Now here’s the best part of this “new” method.  You just mark that measurement onto your paper…

and then nail through the paper!!!

Genius, I know.  And once you get all your nails in, you just rip the paper off the wall, and the nails stay put!  Ok, maybe that’s the best part.  You decide.  In any case, in a matter of minutes, your wall can go from this…

to this…

Or this…

to this…

Now you may notice that one of the frames has nothing in it — heck, it’s not even a frame, it’s left over scrap from my wine box project, and it will be painted white at some point.  You’ll also notice that I finally got around to hanging up the Thrift Store print.  Wow, has it really been nearly a year!?  It also needs a new matte, but I’ll get around to that too, maybe in another year.  And probably most obvious is the paper still hanging on the wall.  No, I don’t know the model with the baby, although it’s a nice photo, and wish I could look that good while holding an infant.  Instead, I have big plans for that space, but it needs a little rehab first.  Maybe that can be my weekend project.

But doesn’t the Butterfly look awesome?!  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I went with the scientific name, and then wrote the common name below.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  Yay for free art!

What have you hung recently?  Have you tried this method before?


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