Well, at least nostalgia for something I never did.

Last week, Son and I set to painting the door frame between the kitchen and the laundry room.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but hadn’t found the time.  The real kicker is why I wanted to do this.  You see, this door frame, along with all the other door frames in our kitchen, are painted maroon.  I have no idea why the last owners of the house did this.  I can guess it was done to match the taupe and maroon crackle finish on the kitchen cabinets (yes, I really just wrote that, and yes, it’s true), but I will never know for sure.   Anyway, I wanted to paint the door frame white simply so we could begin to chart Son’s growing progress.

I’ve always wanted to do this, and really, I wish we hadn’t waited so long.  But I never got to do this as a child, and now, if I wanted to chart my growth, it’d be horizontal, and who wants to see that!

So I broke out the white paint.

I have to tell you something about this white paint.  Come closer.  We bought this paint to paint the trim in Son’s bedroom, back when we were creating his nursery!  I have since used it for the guest room, the bathroom, and now, this door frame, and it’s not even half gone!  You can see, that the can is getting pretty rusty, and it doesn’t close as well as it should, but it’s surviving.  I may be able to paint the trim in my whole house with it.  It’s like the Mary Poppins’ Bag of white paint.  But back to topic.

The door looked like this when we started…

I know.  It’s a lovely shade of maroon, isn’t it?  But it won’t be for long!  Mwhahahahaha!

Son wanted to help, so I taped down some newspapers, and handed him a brush.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m all for letting kids get in there and help.  And he had a blast.

Until he got bored, as I knew he would, but it did take longer than I thought.  And there a few places where the Semi-Gloss, white paint is more of a matte finish due to Son’s dry-brushing techniques, but I’m not that concerned.  In the end, after an hour and a half of painting, the door frame finally looked like this…

It’s amazing the difference it made.  Husband even noticed first thing when he walked in the back door.  The room looks completely different.  Heck, I may even paint the remaining three door frames in the kitchen to match.  Although, they wouldn’t match my awesome crackle finished cabinets, then.  But to the real reason for painting the door frame.

Yeah, I put a nice vintage action on the photo.  And now we know that, as of this month, Son is 38 and 3/8″ tall, quite a bit bigger than he was the day he came home, and since his Dad is 6′ tall, Son is destined to grow even taller. And we will have a record of it.  Even if we move, we can always remove the frame and take it with us.  Maybe even frame it on the wall.

Did your parents chart your growth on a door frame or wall?  Do you chart a child’s?  Have you painted anything small, and seemingly insignificant only to realize it made a huge impact?


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One response to “Nostalgia…

  1. Pamela

    My nana charted my growth like this, too. It was fun to see how I grew over the years.

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