Father’s Day…

As I’m sure everyone in America knows, Father’s Day is Sunday.  If you didn’t know, you still have 2 days to run out, buy a card and a gift card to Home Depot.  For those of us strapped for cash, there are always home made gifts, and that is what Son and I did.

It started with a photo shoot, and lots of candy.  I have found that small children are a lot like pets, and if you want them to do something strange, like stand on one foot while saying the Gettysburg Address, it’s best to promptly reward the effort with candy.  Now before you report me to CPS for making my child obese, he only gets one jelly bean, sour patch kid, or M&M for each task, and this is only during photo shoots.  Oh, and it’s best to have a damp rag around to wipe off their face between takes.

I took Son outside, and taught him to do three tricks.

1.  Point to himself with his thumbs.

2.  Make a heart-shape with his hands.

This was harder than anticipated.  I can make a heart-shape no problem, but a three year old?  Well, they don’t seem to have as fine control of their fingers as an adult does.   Go figure.  So yes, that’s a heart.  I promise.

3.  Point at the camera.

So once all the photos were taken, and Son was nicely sugared up, we headed to Hobby Lobby for a frame to hold them all.  This all sounded so simple in my mind, but once we got there, even with their sale, it was hard to find the frames that held more than one photo, and then find one for cheap.  Most of the frames, even at 50% off, were more than 20 bucks.  But then I came across this.

Yes, I know it’s mint green and pink polka dots, but it was only 9 bucks after the discount.  Although it did get me wondering, after picking up this frame earlier in the week, if I’m missing out on a new trend in home design.  In any case, pink polka dots wasn’t going to cut it for a Father’s Day gift, at least not for the father of MY child.  So I broke out the paint, and set to work.

Ok, so I really set Son to work.  I handed him a paint brush, and a bit of white paint, and told him to paint the green areas, but not to let the paint make puddles.  It sounds like odd instruction, but it worked, and I took the frame itself outside to shoot with high-gloss white spray paint.

Unfortunately, Son got tire of painting after a few coats, and so I had to finish the white, and then I covered those dots with grey paint that I had on hand from old projects.

Since Son helped, I can blame any defects on his three year old hands, but it looks a hundred times better than the pink polka dots.

I brought the fame itself back in, and after taping the photos to the matte, put it all back together.

Afterwards, I decided to add “Father’s Day” over the first photo, and “2011” under the last.  Now I just have to wrap it, and just in case, I picked Husband up a remote temperature gauge for his smoker, but I think he’ll like it.  I do.

So what did you do for your Father’s Day?  Did you ever make a homemade gift that didn’t go over well?



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2 responses to “Father’s Day…

  1. Pamela

    How did husband like the gift? I plan on stealing this idea when the time comes, FYI 🙂

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