Free Art…

The other day, while out and about, Husband ran smack into a big bug with his truck.  I saw it happen, but didn’t think much of it.  I even forgot about it until we got home, and I walked around the front of the vehicle.  And there, smashed onto his front grill, but still perfectly preserved, was a beautiful butterfly!

I carefully pulled it off, and showed it to Son and Husband.  Son thought it was neat, and of course wanted to touch it.  Husband was impressed that it was still in such nice condition, and said we should press it.  I agreed, and took it indoors.  Then creativity struck.

I’ve been needing art for my hallway frame wall, and didn’t want just photos, or to spend a whole lot of money.  This butterfly would look amazing framed, and since scientists do that sort of thing all the time, I figured how hard could it be?

I set the butterfly aside, and when I ran to Walmart later in the week, I picked up a shadowbox frame.

Lovely, I know, right?  But it was 8 x 10, and only $6.89, so I went with it.

When I got home, I set the frame on a cabinet, and went about my day.  This may seem like procrastination to some, but allows for my brain to process and come up with better ideas.  It also gave me time to research how to pin the butterfly.

I remembered that I had some foam core left over from our old apartment art.  I’ve used the foam core for everything since, including this silhouette art from a while back.  I’m very glad that I haven’t tossed them out.  And that foam core?  Well, it’s white on one side, but the other has a black and white cloud print glued to it – that’s what the apartment art was, four panels of a cloud photograph cut from a single poster that I got for free at the Art Museum while in High School.  I know.  I really hold on to things.

But thinking of the foam core got me wondering if I should really hang the butterfly on the white side, or the greyish, cloud side.  The hallway where this will hang will one day be painted grey as well, and sometimes I really like that tone on tone look.  Plus, the white frame would really POP!  I decided I would wait to make the final decision.

I cut out the shape needed for the frame, and took set it in the frame.  It fit perfectly, as long as I didn’t put the back back onto the frame.

I then placed the Butterfly onto the cloud side, and took the frame the rest of the way apart.  That is when I discovered it came with two panes of glass!  Presumably, this was so you could sandwich photos between, and be all nifty, but I didn’t need to do that.  I know have an extra pane to use some other time, for some other project.  Score!

I put the frame back together, and snapped a photo, hoping this would help me decide.

I liked it, but it wouldn’t be fair to decide without seeing how it looked on white.  So took it all apart, flipped over the foam core, and put it back together for another photo shoot.

Drat!  It still looks good.  I like the moodiness of the cloud shot, but also the simplicity of the white.  The white frame will POP against a grey wall, but so will the large white square.  Then again, since the walls have yet to be painted grey, the grey square will contrast nicely with the current white walls.

I plan to write the name of the Butterfly underneath it.  Right now, it’s looking like this…

But I think the full scientific name could be cool, too.  Decisions, decisions.  Still, it will be high-dollar art for under 7 bucks when I’m done, and it will have a funny story to go along with it.

So what do you think I should do with it?  Should I mount it on the white side, or in the clouds?  Guess we should figure it out soon.




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3 responses to “Free Art…

  1. caedwin

    Personally, I like the cloud side (surprised?). The white with the white frame is just too stark IMHO.

  2. Pamela

    I like the cloud side, too.

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