Summer Squash Abundance…

In our fridge we have a plethora of squash.  Plethora is a fun word, isn’t it?  Again, this squash isn’t from my garden.  My garden is being slow, and we didn’t even plant squash this year.  Last year we had an invasion of squash bugs, and, well, I digress.

In the south, the favorite, or at least our favorite, way to make, and eat squash is to fry it.  I have tried it both battered, and simply floured, and I have to say that the simply floured way is the tastiest, although if it’s battered, the left overs make great ham and cheddar nachos – using the squash in place of chips.  But back to topic.  After a while, fired squash, no matter how tasty, gets boring.  So I looked online for a recipe of something new.  I found it at Scarlett Bakes which I arrived at through Food Gawker, a food website which I love.

I followed of Scarlett’s instructions, but since I don’t even know what Mexican squash is, and I live in Texas, I substituted regular ol’ yellow squash.  The rest of the recipe I followed to a T.  Mine looked similar to hers –

except mine was in a blue, square dish, and her’s is a bit prettier, which may be why I didn’t stop to photograph mine.

The end result had good flavour, but I’m a tweaker and a pusher, and I felt it could’ve been tweaked and pushed just a bit further, to make it better.

First, it was a lot of Gratin.  I served it as a main dish, but we still had tons left over.

Second, mine came out a bit watery, possible because I used yellow squash, so next time, I will use cream instead of milk, and I will up the cheese.  My family and I love cheese.  Really.  I think we go through a 1 pound block a week.

Lastly, I might bake it all in a flaky pie crust.  Of course, this would mean that I’d have to have solved that water issue, maybe add an egg, but the flavour of pie crust would be a nice addition.

I was even able to take the left overs from the gratin, add cream cheese and Greek yogurt (we substituted GreYo for sour cream a while back), along with more jack cheese and made a nice spread for burritos and such.

In any case, I am glad to have another option for squash.  Although, I still have quite a bit more left.


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