I may or may not have mentioned that the day of Husband’s Birthday Bash was a day of Murphy’s Law.  One of the things gone wrong?  Well…

I planned to make Husband some homemade ice cream – Vanilla, it’s what he requested.  I bought my first vanilla bean, and at 12 bucks a pop, I considered just buying ice cream.  But I figured that if pre-made ice cream was so much cheaper than the single bean, the bean must be awesome, right?  So I brought it home, and spent the whole morning stirring the ice cream mixture on the stove top.  Ok, so it may not have been the whole morning, but it was long enough that I called for reinforcements so I could I don’t know, frost the cake, clean the house, other last minute party prep.  Once the custard thickened like it should, I had my helpers get the ice cream maker ready.  That’s when we discovered that we were missing a piece of the machine, and home made ice cream just wasn’t going to happen.

But the custard took 6 eggs, and a bunch of milk and sugar, not to mention that 12 dollar bean; I didn’t want to just toss it out.  I poured it into a bowl, and left it in the fridge.

Two days later, I came back to it.  I figured that since ice cream is really just a custard, I could get it to set with a little more cooking.  I poured it all back into a pot, and simmered it on the stove all day – stirring the whole time.

Yeah, so it may not have been all day, it may have been only an hour, but standing, slaving, over a hot stove multiplies time exponentially.

Once it was thicker, I poured the custard into individual bowls, and let it cool.  Once it was cool enough, I put it into the fridge to cool more.

When it set, we all dug in.  It was delicious, but boy was it rich!  In the end, I was glad I saved the ice cream, even if it turned into more of a pudding, and I learned something.  Vanilla beans are just not worth it.  I couldn’t tell any sort of flavour enhancement over vanilla extract.


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