Raising Him Right…


While Son and I were party-prepping, I swung into World Market for some string lights.  They had the best price, and I had a coupon.  Of course, as things go, I forgot to hang them, and so they were returned yesterday, but that isn’t the point of the story.  No, the point is that while we were there to get them, Son, like any other 3 year old, ran about the store begging for this and that.  Mostly he wanted junk, cheap junk, but still junk.  Junk that I knew would be tossed aside and forgotten quickly.  I of course, asked him to stand next to me, and told him that if he was good, he might get something when we left.  I am not above rewarding for good behavior.

He kept still, and so just before we left, I told him to choose something.  He chose four things.  Of the four, I put back the most expensive ones, and let him select between the two cheapest – a small set of markers, or “Popsicle making” set.  I didn’t upsell the Popsicles, I promise, but that is just what he chose.  He was very excited about them, too.

As soon as we got home, we set to work.  I washed the molds, and mixed up a solution.  I remember from my own childhood that Popsicles made of frozen koolaide always tasted a bit watery, so instead I mixed up the koolaide with only half of the water called for, but the normal amount of sugar.  It was strong stuff.  We poured the mixture into the molds and waited.  It seemed like forever to me, and so I’m sure it was an eternity for a three year old.

When it was frozen, I un-molded a pop, and promptly sent Son outside to eat it.  He is loving them still.  And I’m proud that he chose to get something that would keep on giving.


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