Free Chair…

Ok, really it cost me about 26 clams, but still, not bad.  Here’s the story.


Everyday, driving home, I would pass by a neighbor’s house, and see a woven chair sitting outside behind the garage.  It was there rain or shine, and I really liked the shape.  It had a round frame, and a high back.  For some reason, it just spoke to me.  So I finally plucked up the courage to sneak up to the garage, and check the chair out up close.  I wanted to make the owners an offer, but I didn’t want to waste my time, or get their hopes up if the chair was beyond saving.  When I crept up to check out the chair, I saw that the seat was still good, and it had a matching side table to boot!  I took Son on a walk around the block, and stopped at the neighbors to see about the chair.

I told him that I’d like to make an offer on it – I figured I spend 20 bucks, but no more.  Instead, he made my day by saying “That ol’ thing?!  You can have it!”

I nearly skipped to the garage to claim my treasure.  Son carried home the table, and I had the chair.  But once I got it home, I got a better look at it.  It looked like this…

Ok.  So it was a little worse for wear, but nothing that I couldn’t fix. and at least, if I couldn’t, I hadn’t spent anything on it.

To reattach the rattan, I stole some of Husband’s zip-ties.  They are great little things, and the small ones that needed are seldom the ones that he needs, so I didn’t figure he’d mind, much.  I only attached enough ties to hold everything in place, and not to recreate the original weaving – that would’ve taken days!  Once that was done,  I clipped the tails off the ties, and headed out for spray paint.  There was no way I was going to try to paint this chair with a brush, and spray paint tends to be cheaper.

I wanted a blue, something intense to cheer up the patio a bit – not that the bench’s sunny yellow wasn’t already helping in that department, I just wanted more fun.  I bought two cans of paint, thinking that I’d really only need one, but boy was I wrong.  I went through nearly two cans of the stuff!  The paint covered the zip-ties, and you can’t even tell they’re there.  To finish it off, I was lucky enough to spot a round cushion in my local Pier One for 20 dollars.  And since it my other patio cushions are white, I figured the round one in white would help to tie all the crazy colours together.

In the end, it looked like this…

And that table?  Well, the top has already been split thanks to a little boy using it as a seat, but the bones are still sound.

Maybe I’ll replace the top with something a bit more solid.  And maybe I’ll spray it another colour.  Do they make spray stain?  If they don’t. they should.  Still, not bad for 26 bucks.  Now I just need to build a coffee table of some sort to complete the arrangement.  I already have plans in mind.


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One response to “Free Chair…

  1. caedwin

    LOVE IT!!!
    You did a great job on the chair and the bench.

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