Party Tarp…

As I mentioned yesterday, I was busy all week making things for the Birthday Bash.  Because our party was to be mostly outside, and because this IS Texas, it was going to be hot.  We were going to need some shade.  Sure, we have a shady tree, but it doesn’t cover the patio, and it’s on the opposite side of the yards, so it wasn’t going to work.  We would need something else.  Husband wanted to buy one of those canopy contraptions, like this…

at the Home Depot, but it isn’t really our style, in our budget, and I didn’t like how it pointed up – I didn’t think it would look right with our roof-line.  So I came up with another solution, one that would cost us a bit less, and cover our 13’x27′ patio.  I decided a tent-like canvas covering would be our best bet.  So I went to our Home Depot, and picked up some large screw-in hooks, two 10′-6″ chain link fence poles (the top rails), and two packages of this…


I then went to task sewing some loops to the corners, and in the middle of the 12′ side, and every 3′ on the 15′ side.  I used 6 lengths of embroidery floss and an old tow strap that I had on hand.  It was a ton of fabric, and it took me a while.

Once I had all the loops attached, Husband and I put the hooks into the fascia board on the house, and hooked up the canvas.  We then set the pole where it needed to go, and Husband drove it into the ground with a pole driver.

After we had it all hooked up, the pole began to lean in, and it became obvious that we needed to find more support.  We decided to use rope and tie-down stakes to pull the poles outward.  It worked like a dream.  Husband was surprised it really worked, and I was so pleased with myself.  I actually got a structure to stand up all on its own!  That was on a Wednesday.  It became very windy, even blustery, on Thursday, and the winds continued through the weekend.  On Friday, I came home to a ripped canvas.  My sewing held up, but the canvas simply wasn’t strong enough.  I was going to have to repair it.

Saturday morning, just before the party, I found some scrap fabric, and broke out my sewing machine.  I reinforced the ripped section, and then some of the corners as well.  We put it back up, and it held all night.

In the end, all supplies included, we spent just under 100 bucks.  Even better, we can take it down and put it up just as easy as you please.  And someday, when we eventually build the wooden pergola over the patio, I can re-use the canvas as an over head curtain on tracks or something.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.


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