Junk Stores…

Recently, on a return trip from East Texas, Husband and I stopped by a junk store.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with these little places, let me explain.  A junk store is a place that sells old junk.  I know.  Complex, isn’t it.  They tend to either have stuff given to them, or they scrounge it out of the trash.  Either way, it’s a “One Man’s Trash” sort of thing.

We stopped because they happened to have the exact 1970s model of firetruck pedal car that we have, and we could use some parts.  That turned out to be a wash, but we found a few other treasures.

They were having a 50% off sale.  I know.  A sale at a junk store.  I thought it was crazy too.  But we poked around, and ended up spending around 80 bucks.

I found three wire baskets for a buck each – or maybe they were 50 cents.  I can’t remember now.  Son got some books, lincoln logs, and a talking fire truck.  I also got a tortilla press (Husband has been wanting me to get one for a long time now, and hasn’t been able to find one.)  I know we picked up a bunch more things, but I can’t remember them all now.  The one thing we didn’t pick up that I thought was lovely was a square, milk glass cake stand.  It was gorgeous, but they wanted 145$ for it!  Even at half-off, it was too much to spend.

Have you been to any treasure stores lately?  What did you find?


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