The Freezer is Your Friend…


A few weeks ago I ordered Italian take out.  The place I ordered from includes these amazing garlic rolls with the meal, and they always include way more than you should eat.  I didn’t want them to go waste, so I saved them.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week, and Tuesday meant loads of doughnuts.  So many, in fact, that I took 7 home with me.  After eating two for breakfast the next morning, I knew I had to something with the remaining ones before they went stale.  I did the same thing for both bread products.

Few people realize that putting bread in the fridge will cause it to stale faster, but placing it in the freezer will actually keep it fresh.  The trick, it to only pull out, and thaw, what you need.  For the rolls and doughnuts, I placed them on a wax-paper lined tray, and into the freezer.  Once they were frozen, I dumped them into ziplock bags, and back into the freezer they went.

When we feel like garlic bread, I pop a couple into the oven, and in minutes, the house smells like I’ve baked all day.  With the doughnuts, I pull one out, and nuke it in the microwave.  You have to eat it pretty quickly, but it’s a doughnut, who doesn’t devour those things immediately?

So the next time bread goes on sale, or you have too many left over rolls, remember your freezer; it is your friend.


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