Finished and Framed…

Do you remember way back, about a month ago, I mentioned going on a trip, and that instead of purchasing a souvenir, I was going to sew one?  Well, I finished it weeks ago, but didn’t get it washed, ironed, or framed until last night.  I know.  I’m terrible, aren’t I?  Well here it is.

The colour of the frame turned out a bit more school-bus than I had intended, but I think the pop of colour will look nice against my eventually-to-be-painted-grey walls.

On the stitching, the first thing I did was find a photo online of the town we were going to.  I drew the buildings onto some stretched fabric – that old bedsheet that I’ve used for everything, and I drew the M3 emblem, because it was a BMW event, and put the name of the town and the year.

I selected the colours based on what I invision for my future hallway.  I thought of doing it in German flag colours, since Fredericksburg is a German town, and so are BMWs for that matter, but black, red, and yellow just weren’t going to fit in with my future colour scheme.

In the end, I’m happy with how i turned out, and it was a great conversation starter on the trip.  Not many girls my age embroider, and not many older women can either, so they were all very curious.  And I’m sure the fact that it was trip specific didn’t hurt, either.  I would definitely do it again.


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  1. caedwin

    you did a beautiful job! So glad you enjoy this relaxing form of needlework.

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