All Week…

One of the joys of teaching school in Texas, is the TAKS test.  I think it stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills – I think.  I never took it, so I don’t really know, and since they’re trying to do away with it anyway, I haven’t committed any part of my brain to remembering it.  But the students will be testing all week.

If you remember, a little over a month ago, we had testing for one day, and I was subjected to “hall duty.”  I simply had to sit in the hall all day, and watch the children walk past, and not allow them to talk or do anything that could look like cheating.  It was easy work, but boring work.  This week, I really lucked out.

I don’t have an assignment.  That means I get to sit in my room, and do what I want.  Sure, it won’t be much different than what I was doing before in the hallway, but at least I can break out into song, or otherwise make noise, if I so chose, and you never know what I may choose to do.

Probably, I’ll continue to read and research stuff on the internet.  I may even do some work on the little film that I’m directing.  I know, it sounds so fancy when I put it like that.  I’ll tell you more about it some other time, but for now I’m gonna keep it under wraps.  Think of it as a surprise.  In any case, it will be an easy week.  Or a  long one.  I’ll let you know.


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