I hope everyone’s Easter was a pleasant one.  In some ways, I found it ironic that Easter and Earthday fell so close together this year.  Plant a tree, save the Earth on Friday, and then cover it with plastic eggs on Sunday.  Son had a great time though.

Husband’s family does the “Easter Olympics” every year, and yes, that is what they call it.  It includes egg hunting, tug of roping, and bunny hopping.  All the kids get prizes, and have lots of fun.  What isn’t fun?  Going through all those prizes and tossing things into the trash.

Now, I’m no evil Mommy.  Really.  I let Son keep all the candy, except for the melted chocolate (it was very hot yesterday) and the jaw breakers – Son is 3.  I even let him keep the friendship bracelets and bubbles.  So what did I toss?  Well, for now, just the melted chocolate – and the stuff covered with the melted chocolate.  I simply left the jaw breakers behind for some other hopped-up kid to find.  But I know that in a week or two, I will be tossing out the cheap plastic toys, all those other candy wrappers, and probably that bright green plastic flute, although that will be for my sanity, and not because Son is board with it.

No, this year, the party-planners did much better in their prize procuring.  They got mostly toys that are actually playable, and they didn’t get so many as the year before.  Must have been because it was so close to Earth Day.


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