Something About Gardening…

I’ve learned a few things about gardening in the past few weeks.  The biggest of these, is that Pumpkins are the easiest things to grow.  Oh, and not to toss your jack-o-lantern guts into the garden for composting.

Yeah.  I’m sure you can figure that all out, but in case you haven’t had your morning coffee…

Last October I tossed my pumpkin guts into the old garden.  The garden was pretty much dead, and I figured the soil could use some compost for next season.  Pumpkins started popping up in the spring.  I was surprised, but since we were going to till the earth anyway, I never bothered to pull them.

Whoops.  The tilling simply managed to spread the seeds around, aerate them, and give them a greater chance at life.  Or so it seems.  We now have pumpkins spouting up everywhere!  I guess I should’ve taken a picture just to prove it, but I wouldn’t lie to you guys.

Eventually, we will have to thin them out.  There are just too many, but we will be some.  If they manage to fruit, we won’t have to buy a gourd come October.  Heck, if we’re really green-thumbed, we may win a pumpkin contest.


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