Stuffed Pablanos…

Well, I told you all I would let you know how the pablanos stuffed with brisket turned out, and I’m happy to report they were worthy of a second attempt.

So how did I do them?

First I cut and cored the peppers, and then steamed them just until they started to turn tender.  I chopped my brisket, and warmed it up.  I then placed a cheese stick into the peppers, and surrounded them with the beef.  After all that was done – hard work, I know, I popped them into a 350 degree oven.

While they baked, I mixed some Verde sauce with a bit of cream cheese, just to create a sort of cream sauce for the tops of the peppers.

Admittedly, I could’ve let the peppers bake a bit longer – the cheese sticks were still in stick form – but we were all ready to eat.  So I pulled the peppers out, laid them on a plate, and covered them with the sauce.

The sauce was amazing.  It would make a great party dip.  Then again, anything with cream cheese usually does make a great party dip.  The peppers, and the sauce, were a bit too spicy for me, but the flavours all went well together.  If I were to make them again, or when I make them again, I will mix shredded cheese with the chopped beef for a more cheesy consistency.  I will also bake them longer.  Even better would be if I could batter and fry them, but Husband is on a two week long Atkins sort of thing, so I may never get to do that.

One thing I did learn?  Verde sauce does not mix well with tomatoes, at least not as a salad.  It kind of tasted like a garage – a car guys garage, not a regular garage.  It was edible, so I finished it, but I will not repeat it.  Oh well.  Now I know!


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  1. caedwin

    i believe it is “POBLANOS” (pamela, is that correct?)

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