Buying Used…

My Student Teaching is almost up, and I really wanted to get my mentor a gift – a book or something.  I scoped out his library, and then looked online for other great books that he didn’t have.  In the end I narrowed it down to two.  Both books are on Storyboarding, but one is full of actual Disney drawings, and one actually tells a story through storyboarding, while teaching all about the subject.

The non-Disney book I bought new.  It’s a paperback, and was fairly inexpensive for its size.  Something in the range of 30 bucks.  But the Disney one, well, it’s Disney, so it’s marked up, and it’s by all looks, a textbook sort of thing.  It was not in the realm of low-prices.  No, it was upwards of $150, and I even saw a copy being sold for $200!

Luckily, I have decent sleuthing skills, and I hunted out a copy that was used, but in decent condition for just under 50 shells, including shipping.  Nice, right?!  The write-up said there was a blacked-out name on the first page, and some water spotting, but the water spotting was hard to see, and to be honest I haven’t found it yet.  What I have found, and what the write-up failed to mention, is that the signatures – the groups of pages that are sewn together, and then combined to make the textblock, are all loose.  They haven’t come apart yet, but without careful reading, or repair, they eventually will.

I don’t like that at all.  I haven’t even poured through the pages of the book yet for this very reason.  So yesterday, I looked online for DIY options, and they mostly say this is a professional’s job.  So I asked my librarian friend here at the school, and she suggested I bring it in, and ask her book-repairing aid.  The aid, sweet as she is, didn’t trust herself with this kind of repair, and suggested I find a professional.

So now the hunt is on for a professional to mend my book before my student teaching gig is up.  If you live in my area, and have any contacts, let me know.  Technically, if I can get it repaired for less than 100 bucks, I’ve done better than buying it new, right?  That’s what I’m going to tell myself.


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