Learned Something New…

Last Monday, we were supposed to have BBQ tacos.  What’s that?  Well, think of it as a BBQ sandwich, but inside a flour tortilla, with cheddar cheese, and no pickles.  I know, it seems strange, but it’s actually quite good.  In any case, we had smoked brisket to use up, and I don’t like eating the same thing twice – I like to mix it up a bit.

So I got as far as making the tortilla dough, and dividing it out, when Husband called to say “I’m not feeling well.  Can we just have cereal for supper instead?”  Me, being the awesome wife that I am, said “Of course!”  But I had already made the tortilla dough.  I didn’t want to toss it out, and flour tortillas are notoriously bad at staying fresh once they’re cooked.  So what was I to do?

I decided to wrap them up in serran wrap.  I wrapped them each with a layer of plastic between, just so they wouldn’t stick to each other, and I shoved it into the fridge.

They stayed there until last night, when I pulled them out, gave them a quick nose test – just to make sure they were ok – and pulled them apart to rest on the counter.  After they had rested for 30 minutes, or an hour, who’s counting anyway, I rolled them out, and cooked them up on the flat iron.  They cooked up just as if I had made them that day!

I couldn’t believe it.  Knowing this, I may try actually rolling out the dough, and placing it in the fridge.  Heck, if I’m lucky, that will work just fine, and I’ll be able to simply make tortillas once a week, and pull them out of the fridge as needed!  I’d feel like a master-mind genius.  They’d surely give me my own cooking show, and book deal.  You’d stand in line for my book signing, right?



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