Fixed…I Think…

I hope.


Last night, after picking Son up from school, getting the mail, and changing clothes, I headed outside to un-plant, level, and re-plant the garden.  After the huge rain storm we had Sunday night, the ground was still muddy and soggy – made for digging holes in the clay a real pain, but getting the plants to stand up was a cinch.

Son helped by digging his own holes, and I dug up dirt, put dirt into the wagon, rolled dirt to the low side of the garden, and then dumped and spread the dirt.  I think I use Son’s wagon more than he does.

The whole process took about an hour and a half.  It’s far from perfect – I really should have leveled it right after we tilled garden, but it should be a bit better.  I hope.  I really just don’t want another rain storm to drown my poor okra.  Fingers crossed.

Now I just have to wait for things to take root, and start growing.  I hope it does better than last year.


I’ll keep you posted.


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