It’s Planting Time!

Over the weekend, Husband and I were busy.  We finally got the garden planted.

After last year, Husband decided he liked gardening, and wanted to go bigger and better this year.  Ok, I thought, why not?  So I tripled the garden size.  I started by marking the the area off with spray paint.  I’m a tad bit anal, and I wanted the edges of the garden straight, and even.  I paced it off, and laid the paint.

I was planning to carefully did up the sod like I did last year, and transplant it to a bare area in the back of the yard, but once I started digging, I found it just wasn’t going to happen.  I could barely get the shovel through the grass, let alone dig up the sod.  I gave up, and spent the afternoon cleaning the spring leaves and seeds off the patio – it took 2 hours!

Sunday morning, we all loaded up into the truck, and went to Home Depot to rent a tiller.  Like I said, Husband wanted to go bigger and better on the garden this year, so we tilled the ground, then mixed in three bags of sand, and two bags of garden soil.  Of course, when I say “we,” I really mean Husband.  I was there strictly for moral support during the tilling stage.

After the dirt-work was done, and we had had lunch, we piled back into the truck, took back the tiller, and purchased our plants.  Since we were going for broke this time, we picked up few more plants than last year.  Then, we had okra – which did awesome, zucchini – which flowered beautifully, but never fruited, oh, and attracted thousands of squash bugs, tomatoes – which gave us one baby fruit between three plants, over the WHOLE SEASON, and jalapenos – which never did anything.  This year, we got okra, jalapenos, tomatos, bell peppers, and watermelons.  I know it’s not a whole lot different, but with last years luck, we’re really going out on a limb here.  And I have a secret confession.  I don’t like watermelon, and we planted four of them.  Husband loves it, so if we get any to produce, it will be all up to him to eat them.

Since Husband did all the tilling, I had to do all the planting.  I dug the wholes, watered the holes, soaked the plants, planted the plants, and then watered the plants.  It was exhausting.  And when I was through, I noticed that my garden wasn’t even.  Because I hadn’t pulled up the sod like I did last year, the new section of garden was nearly a foot taller than the old section.  If only I had noticed this before, I could’ve evened it out BEFORE I planted things.  As it is, my okra – which doesn’t need much water – is in a ditch, and my tomatoes and watermelons are on a hill.  I was worried, but Husband thought it might be ok, and so I let it go, and went about my evening.

Then, in the middle of the night, probably because I planted a garden and watered the yard yesterday, there came a deluge.  We’re talking wake you up in the middle of the night sort of rain pounding deluge.  When I checked my garden this morning, it looked like this.

Yes, that’s my okra swimming in that lake.  Seems I will be out replanting my plants soon.  Ugh.  As if I’m not sunburnt enough already.


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