I just realized this morning that I never showed you what I did buy on my trip.  I mentioned that I wasn’t looking to spend a lot, and I’m not one to buy something just because I’m in a new place, and need proof.

So Saturday Morning, when I set out on the town with a newly met friend, I didn’t have anything in mind.  I thought a nice antique or maybe a tree ornament (touristy towns always have Christmas stores for some reason), or maybe even some jewelry, but I wouldn’t get anything if it wasn’t something I wouldn’t buy at home.

The first thing that I considered was a belt.  We happened into a gun/ammo/leather/saddle shop somehow, and I saw a really neat belt.  Sure, it was made to hold bullets to a six shooter of some sort, but the texture and detailing were interesting, and I thought I could pull it off as fashion forward – given the right outfit.  Unfortunately, they only sold it in man size.  I didn’t even price it.

In a toy store, I found some Babar books, and Son loves Babar, but I figured it I were to get him a book, it should have something to do with the place.  So I left that store empty-handed as well.

After browsing through several other stores, I came across something perfect.  Perfect for me, at least.  It was in a jewelry store, and it was inexpensive.  Even better, I would have purchased it at home, too.


I realize it’s not a great picture, but yes, it’s a pocket/chain watch.  It cost me all of 11 bucks, and I love it.  It caught my eye because of the filigree and engraving, and I loved that it reminded me of a school marm, and I’m a teacher.  I like to make myself laugh with little inside jokes, even if I’m the only one on the inside.

It actually does function, and I suppose I can pop the back off, and have it engraved so that it is always associated with my trip.  Actually, that’s not a bad idea.  I have already worn it three times, and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it, even from my students.

How do you feel about souvenirs?  Am I the only one who approaches it this way?


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  1. It’s lovely! I’ve always wanted a pocket watch. They’re so cool!

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