The Ole College Try…

Husband loves Mexican food.  Absolutely loves it.  And he hasn’t had it in over a week.  So I thought tonight I would make some crunchy beef tacos.  It should make him happy.

To save us money, I only buy corn tortias, and make flour ones when needed.  Corn tortias are far from crunchy, but when I was at the restaurant supply store way back in September, I picked up this crazy pair of tongs that hold a tortia in the shape of a taco for frying.  Genius!

I still have not used it.

Tonight, I’m gonna give it a go.  I have a feeling it will take a bigger pot, and a lot more oil than I really want to use, but fried tacos are pretty amazing, so I have no reason to think that these wouldn’t be.  It will probably also get a bit smokey/fry-oil smelling in my kitchen, but it’s been beautiful out and I will just open the windows.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Heck, maybe I’ll even pull out the camera and take photos.  You’d like that, huh.



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2 responses to “The Ole College Try…

  1. Pamela

    Yes, please take a picture of those TORTILLAS!!!

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