Summer Begins…

Last Sunday, after we arrived home from our relaxing trip, before we picked up our son, Husband mowed the yard for the first time this season.  It was nice to have that smell of freshly cut grass fill the house again, but I’m not sure that Husband would agree the work is worth it.

Last summer, our yard was green and luscious.  Well, the back yard was, anyway.  Even better, it became that way without us tossing out any winterizer.  So this winter, we didn’t winterize the yard again, and I’m hoping the yard will stay just a green as last year.

The thing is, it’s not right now.  So Husband picked up a bag of weed and feed.  He has yet to put it out, and I have to admit I’m a little nervous about it.  As you know, we have a young son.  He is much closer to the grass than we are, and I know that those bags of weed and feed are chalk full of toxic chemicals.

I am still torn about what we should do, but for now, we’ve agreed to feed the yard at night, to give as much time possible for the stuff to air out and mix in before Son goes tromping through it.  What would you do?


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