I’m Ba-ack!

Did you miss me?

Don’t answer that.


I had the best time on my trip.  Husband and I joined up with 9 other auto-enthusiasts, and drove south to Texas hill country.  The roads all twist and bend, and the views are breath-taking.  Sure, after three days worth of driving, I will have to purchase carbon credits to offset the damage, but it was a blast.  I met some really interesting people.

There was a wine educator who used to purchase wine for the department of defense.  There were two Lockheed guys, an old guy who was a physicist and worked on the F16, and  a young guy who was a buyer, and works on the F32 – or something like that.  There were two architects, a guy who owns his own manufacturing company, oh, and a guy who works for the EPA.  Luckily for all of us, he just an accountant.

I learned so much, too.  I learned a lot about wine, grapes, French pronunciations, beer, taxes, and even some nuclear physics.

We got in late last night, and so I haven’t had a chance to photograph my special souvenir project.  I will try to get that up tomorrow morning.  Let the week begin!


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